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Why should I choose BEFIL?

How does BEFIL benefits my health? Why do I need to take BEFIL daily?

Who may be benefited from BEFIL?

How do I consume BEFIL?

Are the pregnant women and children suitable to consume BEFIL?

How do I keep it?

Where is BEFIL manufactured? Is it a local product?

How many sachets are packed in one BEFIL?


Who are suitable to consume SlendezMeal?

How do I consume SlendezMeal?

Can SlendezMeal be used as the protein supplement?

Are children and pregnant women allowed to consume SlendezMeal?

I'm lactose intolerance, can I consume SlendezMeal?

I'm a vegetarian/vegan, can I consume SlendezMeal?

How many sachets are packed in one box of SlendezMeal?


Why do I need to consume ZENCOSO?

What makes ZENCOSO so special?

Who can consume ZENCOSO?

When is the best time to consume ZENCOSO?

How do I Consume ZENCOSO?

What is the proper storage method for ZENCOSO?

Do I need to keep it in the refrigerator after I opened the ZENCOSO?

Can I use other spoons/scoops instead of the scoop provided?

Can I consume more than one scoop of ZENCOSO?


Why do I need to take MAQNIFIQ?

How do I consume MAQNIFIQ?

Do I consume MAQNIFIQ before or after meal?

I'm a vegetarian, can I consume MAQNIFIQ?

Where is MAQNIFIQ manufactured? Is it imported from other country?


How many sachets are packed in 1 box of MAQNIFIQ?


AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi®

How to properly wear AULORA PANTS with Kodenshi®?

The pants are too tight, is it okay?

My size is out of stock, will it be okay if I take a size smaller/bigger?

Is it safe to wash in the washing machine?

Does it come with a warranty? If yes, how long?

After few uses, will it expand and get out of shape?

I'm pregnant, can I wear it?

Can I use it for extreme sports (i.e: snowboarding, rock climbing, trail running and etc...)

What are the benefits of Far Infrared Rays?


What is the difference between the white and blue BEYUL range?

Why do I need two types of moisturizer? Can I just pick one?

I have a severe skin condition, can BEYUL help to treat it?

Is it safe for my teenage daughter?

Can I use BEYUL skincare during pregnancy?

I have very oily skin, is BEYUL suitable for me?

Can I mix BEYUL products with other products?

What is the difference between Moisturizing Lotion and Moisturizing Cream?

If I buy the whole range, how long can it last?

How long is the shelf life for all of the BEYUL products?

Since BEYUL use the Push & Pull Regeneration Process technology, how long until I can see clear results?

Once I you BEYUL products, can I still do facial?

Is BEYUL suitable for men as well?

I heard the BEYUL Hydro Ampoule is really good, since it is for hydration can I skip moisturiser and wear it instead?

I don't like to use sunscreen; will it make any difference if I don't wear it?

What is the best water temperature for me to cleanse my face?

What is the best step for me to use the BEYUL range?

How many times should I use the mask?


Which part of the body can apply gua sha?

Do I need to shower before performing the gua sha therapy?

Why the Aulora Board is made of buffalo horn instead of other materials such as plastic?

How to store the Aulora Oil and Board?

Does gua sha have side effects?

If I'm pregnant, can I perform gua sha?

If I have some medical history, can I perform gua sha?

Why does my skin appearance change after performing gua sha?